I am here for you

I empower people to live inside out  and help them move forward and live happier and more fulfilled lives as the best version of themselves in any given moment!

I help them get over their past, their emotional blocks, deal with inner critic, self-sabotage, self-doubt, developmental or other kinds of trauma by holding space and facilitating their insight process.

I help clients respond to every call that excites and ignites their spirit!

I generally like working with audience conscious of their challenge which however they haven’t tackled yet or have tried to resolve without satisfactory result.

I also work with people who simply feel that something is wrong in their lives, they might feel empty or that something is missing, though they have not detected yet what it is. We can see if we can track what it is and how to best go about it.

If you would like to know what my clients say about how working together was for them you can read Testimonials.

What I do for clients?

I help them get out of their own way so they can recognize and reconnect with their inner resources.

I help them tap into their potential and step into flow.

I use my body and presence to create a space where they can open up and be who they truly are.

I help them tap into their higher faculties so that they can:

  • Discover themselves again
  • Open doors to new possibilities
  • Get a new perspective on life and effortlessly follow through with what they want out of life

In most cases, firstly, I guide them to vividly visualize what they want. Then I assist them in transforming their visualizations into real life.

Sometimes, depending where you are, it can take just one session to get you on the right track.

Why me?

When I asked one particular client of mine: “Why me?”, he said: “You have almost 30 years of experience stored in your mind and your whole body and you radiate it so it dissolves fears of people in your presence. You also often turn it naturally into a light and fun experience."

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