Words alone can’t express the transformation I’ve had working with Bredy. Her compassionate presence is so grounding and centering. I have literally been transformed on a visceral level since our sessions. I feel and appear more grounded, centered, calm and at peace. What Bredy does is magical and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for more peace in their internal and external world. She is not only a coach but a HEALER in every sense of the word. Bredy is a diamond in the rough and whoever finds her is lucky to have met her. I know I am! 

Char McGuinness, Trauma Informed Life Coach, Florida, USA


It has been a wonderful experience being coached by Bredy. In spite of the cultural differences, there were no differences or prejudices in the coaching process. She is so easy to open up to. She provides an empathic ear to all the concerns. Thank you so much Bredy!

Dhwani Joisher, Life Coach, Mumbai, India


My work with Bredy gave me new resources which have helped me a lot in facing all the challenges 2020 has brought. Multiple little techniques, tips & tricks and advice made me a better person, more prepared to endure the suffering and turmoil of everyday life. In an amazing way, I survived and more than this I connected with aspects of myself I didn't even know I have. 

Patricio S, Producer, Argentina/Croatia


I received some wonderful coaching from Bredy in the area of developing a new career for myself. I had no idea how it was going to go as I was out of ideas. Bredy asked just the right questions, which opened up a whole new area of work for me that aligns with my purpose. It will also give me the money I need and want to make. I’m very excited about the prospects going forward.

I highly recommend Bredy as a Coach. Thank you Bredy!

Sara W., Realtor, Florida, USA


Bredy is courageous and with this quality serves me as a role model for my breakthroughs.

As uncompromising as she is when it comes to the unconditional support to the client in facilitating revelation of imposed suppression and inherited patterns, equally uncompromising she is in protecting the client's personal boundaries. She is very insightful and intuitive and her ideas and solutions really encourage me to go beyond the ordinary framework. I also find her to be very stimulating and helpful in opening up towards new cognitive approaches, perspectives and solutions to problems.

The last but not least is the topic of anchoring. She takes great care to ensure that the client does not "fly away" but rather keeps staying in touch with real possibilities, reality and environment.

Bredy indeed provides the whole network of modalities and a framework to a person at all levels, from physical and energetic to the cognitive and manifesting level in the outer world. She facilitates the process of active implementation and shifting in the direction of a new, more authentic and desirable self.

I absolutely love working with her!

Sanda G., MBA, Zagreb, Croatia


In Winter 2017, Bredy gave me great support, helping me to overcome emotional problems. She has skills in leading, listening and opening our inner power. She has a good heart and compassion as well as great knowledge and wisdom. I would like to recommend her coaching!

Gordana Š., MA in Teaching Music, Zagreb, Croatia

Somatic experiencing

She is very open and nurturing in working with body techniques such as SE.

Sanda G., MBA, Zagreb, Croatia


I have participated in No Mind meditative therapy retreat and Dynamic meditations and led by Bredy. It took place on the island of Iž in Croatia, in 2014. It was the first time for me to take part in Osho meditations and it was really an interesting and positive experience. Nature was amazing! Altogether, this beautiful surrounding of the island and the sea together with Bredy's facilitation had a very special impact on me. The memories of it will stay with me for the rest of my life. Bredy is a great facilitator. She followed group's energy with ease. I can warmly recommend programs led by her.

Andrea P., M.D., Infectious Disease Specialist, Ljubljana, Slovenia