About us

About me

I help clients respond to every call that excites and ignites their spirit! I help them create their vision and make it a reality!

I empower people to live inside out! I help them move forward and live happier and more fulfilled lives as the best version of themselves in any given moment!

How do I do it?

Some of the we may be tackling along the way...

I help them get in touch with their emotions, put their emotions “under control”, help them put their emotions in their service instead of the other way around, resolve their emotional blocks, deal with inner critic, self-sabotage, self-doubt, developmental or other kinds of trauma. I help them move forward from the past to the present. I help them align their mind, body and spirit so that they can move ahead empowered and energized.

I do it mostly by asking questions, by holding space and facilitating their insight process. Having your own insight is the best inspiration to move.

I generally like working with audience conscious of their challenge which however they haven’t tackled yet or have tried to work through without satisfactory results. If they have already done some self-exploring it can be of help. Experience is showing that clients with at least some prior experience with inner work benefit the most from our work together.

I also work with people who simply feel that something is wrong in their lives. They might feel empty or feel that something is missing, though they have not detected yet what it is.

If you would like to know what clients say about how working together was for them you can read theTestimonials.

What I do for clients?

I help them get out of their own way so they can recognize and reconnect with their inner resources.

I help them tap into their potential and step into flow.

I use my presence to create a space where they can open up and be who they truly are by welcoming what is.

I help them tap into their higher faculties so that they can:

  • Discover themselves again
  • Open doors to new possibilities in their life
  • Get a new perspective on life and effortlessly follow through with what they want in life
  • Feel free to create a vision for their life and fulfil it

Who am I in words?

I am the founder and President of Center Premin (founded in 2013).

I am Certified Insight Coach, Integrative Systemic Coach and soon to become Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

I have more than 30 years of experience working in international organizations, private schools, NGO & corporate sectors and almost 30 years of passionate, dedicated focus on discovering inner worlds and inner potential. I am also a meditator and I use meditation for my own life as well as when working with the clients.

I have embarked the inner journey after talking to myself and realizing there must be more than meets the eye. I started asking the questions as everything I have achieved and who "I thought I was" simply was not satisfying enough to me.

I was lucky to encounter a man whose presence was miraculous simply in the way he was. His presence had tremendous effect on me. At the time I thought it was luck and for some years now I understand that everything happens for a reason and FOR us. He was an erudite. This was also very important for me. It was nourishing my brain cells. He kept saying: “Life is a mystery”! To me HE was a mystery and a miracle! Really! It all makes sense, since he too was part of life, right? The way he moved, the way he talked, the way he was. I spent 25 years seeing him regularly in a group environment, until he passed away.

I was receiving literally all the answers to how and why. My thirst for knowing THE TRUTH was so big!

I was ready to risk everything again and again. This is also what I did! Every time I entered the meeting be it a regular weekly meeting for a few hours, weekend workshop or a few weeks residential retreat, I knew I would never be the same after it finishes. I knew that I don’t know if after the workshop I would want to keep the job or a boyfriend I had. Nothing was secure, nothing was safe, nothing was permanent. Just like life! 

The only thing I knew was that I was becoming more REAL and truer to myself. Veils were being raised. I felt like my rigid structures, rigid ego ideas, rigid everything was melting away and I would take on amorphous form by the end of every meeting. It felt so good! It felt so nourishing for my soul! It almost felt as only then I was becoming!

It felt more and more like coming home.

In parallel I’ve lived my life to the full. I was working a lot, acquiring new skills and knowledge, socializing, travelling, exploring the world, having boyfriends.

I was perceiving the rest of my life, as my “spiritual playground”, a place where I could test all that I learned.


I’ve attended numerous lectures, trainings, teacher trainings, workshops, residential workshops and meditation retreats. I was soaking in the energy, the vibration, the wisdom of the facilitators and the knowledge how to heal. I was being healed and growing in awareness.

I loved that experiential learning which was transforming me, always into a better and better version than the previous one. It was like reseting and updating myself simountaneously. The process continues today and newer and newer layers and nuances are coming to the surface, ready to be discovered. I absolutely love the process.

A few of the trainings that I have done in the last 30 years include, Pre and Perinatal Education, Mystic Rose and No mind Facilitator training, Non-Aggression Program for kids, Breath, Water, Sound program, Laughter Yoga, 300 hour Yoga and Ayurveda, Somatic Experiencing.

About Center Premin

Center Premin is the center for improving the quality of life founded in 2013. We are helping individuals, communities, organizations and companies.

We assist people in discovering and living their full potential, creating a more balanced and healthier life and relationships, increasing personal satisfaction and happiness, personal and organizational productivity and creating success however someone defines it.

This is achieved mostly through boutique style, highly transformational one on one coaching sessions, events, workshops, retreats & team building activities.

We do so within Center Premin as well as in cooperation with other legal for profit and for benefit entities in Croatia and worldwide.

International Cooperation

Center Premin also has an ongoing long-term project with Votum Foundation in Mumbai, India, called "Feeding the future", helping marginalized groups of children, age 8 – 18.